Summer Skin Care Tips: Protecting Your Skin with Phelan Dermatology

Summer Skin Care Tips: Protecting Your Skin with Phelan Dermatology

Summer is the season for outdoor adventures, beach trips, and soaking up the sun. However, it also brings increased exposure to harmful UV rays that can damage your skin. At Phelan Dermatology, with locations in Joplin and Jane, MO, we understand the importance of maintaining healthy skin year-round. Here are some essential summer skin care tips to help you protect your skin from UV damage.

Understanding UV Damage

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can cause significant damage to your skin. Prolonged exposure can lead to sunburn, premature aging, and an increased risk of skin cancer. It’s crucial to take preventative measures to shield your skin from these harmful rays. At Phelan Dermatology, we emphasize the importance of using broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, wearing protective clothing, and seeking shade during peak sun hours.

Essential Tips for Women

Women often spend more time outdoors during the summer months, whether for leisure or exercise. To protect your skin, apply a generous amount of sunscreen to all exposed areas, including your face, neck, and hands. Reapply every two hours, or immediately after swimming or sweating. Additionally, incorporate antioxidants into your skincare routine to combat free radicals caused by UV exposure. Phelan Dermatology offers a range of products specifically designed for women’s skin care needs.

Vital Advice for Men

Men are equally at risk of UV damage, especially those who work outdoors or engage in sports. Sunscreen should be a non-negotiable part of your daily routine. Opt for water-resistant formulas if you’re active, and don’t forget to protect your scalp, ears, and the back of your neck. Phelan Dermatology provides expert advice and tailored skin care solutions for men to ensure their skin remains healthy and protected throughout the summer.

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